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DIFFCO, an Industrial Construction company, is a privately held, fully insured and bonded contractor located in Houston, Texas.  We service the Industrial market for Civil Construction and Maintenance, including concrete, demolition, earthwork, underground utilities and railroad civil construction.  Our management team has decades of experience in all aspects of construction including ground-up construction, renovations and systems upgrades in existing facilities. DIFFCO is licensed to work in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana and has an excellent safety record. We operate through a hands-on approach that reflects our Mission: Delivering Value in Industrial Construction.


Why we are a trusted company

  • No schedule or situation is worth compromising our safety record
  • An honest and high-integrity approach with those whom with we work
  • Safety, Accountability, Quality and Trust defines our corporate culture
  • Plan and problem solve with Customer-minded Results as our goal
  • Respect our customer’s budget and timeline
  • Deliver long-term value


Paving, Walls, Tilt up, Elevated Slabs, Slab on grade, Post Tension, Multi-story…


Excavation, subgrade and soil stabilization, building pads, detention ponds…

Demolition work


Concrete breaking, removal, full Building Demolition; working in existing facilities…


Underground concrete structures, Duct banks, Storm Sewer, trench drains…


Tanker flip pads, cranes ways, paving, Heavy equipment services, maintenance

Recent Projects

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Westland Bunker Data Center

Scope of WorkDemolition:Remove existing fortified bunker entrance from 15’above grade to 30’ below grade 24” thick concrete structure Tie into existing bunkerEarthwork:Strip site of existing vegetation and trees …

Kinder Morgan | Clinton Dr. Terminal

Scope of Work:Haul Drive Construction
Concrete Industrial Construction

Noble Energy Tower

Scope of Work:Decorative and radiused poured in place concrete walls Paving Soil Stabilization Stamped, stained and colored concrete 
concrete pour

FedEx Building Addition

Scope of Work:65,000 s.f.  build  Turn key structural concrete Paving Earthwork Storm sewer
turn-key concrete

Holman Boiler

Scope of Work:Turn-key concrete for tilt-wall manufacturing facility
Site Demolition, Excavation of detention pond, grading and lime stabilization, Structural cast in place concrete walls, Structural fill, foundations, paving
, ,

City of Houston Waste Depository

Scope of Work:  Site Demolition Excavation of detention pond Grading and lime stabilization Structural cast in place concrete walls Structural fill Multiple building foundations and paving
Phillips 66 Sweeny project

Phillips 66 Sweeny

Sweeny, TX Scope of Work: High voltage buildingEarthwork Import of fill Building Pad installation Turn-key concrete Drilled piers

Duke Glass Manufacturing

Scope of Work:Paving addition Soil stabilization & grading Concrete paving

FED-EX Distribution Center Addition

College Station, TX Scope of Work:Turn-key concrete Drilled piers 
, ,

UPRR Sound Wall

Scope of Work:Demolition  Earthwork 30' deep slurry cast piers Precast concrete

90 AC Site Development

Scope of WorkClearing  Earthwork  Grading  StabilizationLocation:  Baytown, TX


Scope of WorkExcavation Import/ compact fill Soil stabilization Installation of road base
Oxiteno Tank

Oxiteno Tank Farm

Scope of WorkGround up facility addition Clearing and grubbing Soil stabilization and grading  Cast in place structural concrete
, ,

Englewood - Union Pacific

Scope of WorkDemolition of existing concrete and asphalt Re-enforced concrete

Waste Connection

Scope of WorkTwo ground-up buildings 4+ AC of heavy duty paving
, ,

Kinder Morgan

Scope of WorkDemolition Excavation Structural Concrete placement
, ,

Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Scope of WorkRemove existing parking lot and structures Re-grade and stabilize Reinforce, place and finish new parking lot
, ,

Greene Tweed

Client Greene Tweed Gasket Co. Scope of WorkGround up building Site demolition Earthwork Building pad Soil Stabilization Concrete foundations and paving
Earthwork and paving addition.

Beltway 8 Parking Addition

Scope of Work Soil stabilization and paving addition
Parking lot renovation project
, ,

Parking Lot Renovations

Client TPC Group Scope of Work Demolition of existing lot, soil stabilization and paving addition.
Drainage headwall

Union Pacific Railroad Headwalls

Scope of Work Drainage headwalls
earthwork, demolition and concrete work.
, ,

Conoco Data Center

Scope of Work Earthwork, demolition and concrete work for new Generator foundation.
BP Great Room project
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BP Great Room

Scope of WorkDemolition of existing lot Earthwork Decorative Concrete work

Westfield Auto Yard Renovation

Scope of Work Paving replacement at auto unloading facility on the Hardy Toll Road
Union Pacific

Union Pacific Rail Yard

Scope of WorkTanker flip pads Crane ways/ foundations All high early concrete and epoxy coated rebar

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