HPH Webster

Houston Physicians Hospital


Harris County Utility district



Westland Bunker Data Center

Earthwork, concrete, demolition and underground.
Concrete Industrial Construction

Noble Energy Tower

Paving, soil stabilization...
concrete pour

FedEx Building Addition

Concrete, paving, earthwork
turn-key concrete

Holman Boiler

Turn-key concrete
Site Demolition, Excavation of detention pond, grading and lime stabilization, Structural cast in place concrete walls, Structural fill, foundations, paving

City of Houston Waste Depository

Demolition, excavation & more.
Phillips 66 Sweeny project

Phillips 66 Sweeny

Earthwork, concrete, drilled piers

Duke Glass Manufacturing

Paving addition, soil stabilization, grading

FED-EX Distribution Center Addition

Turn-key concrete; drilled piers

UPRR Sound Wall

Demolition, earthwork, slurry cast piers, precast concrete

90 AC Site Development

Clearing, Grading, Stabilization, Earthwork


Excavation, Soil stabilization & more
Oxiteno Tank

Oxiteno Tank Farm

Earthwork, Structural Concrete

Englewood – Union Pacific

Demo, Re-enforced concrete

Waste Connection

Ground-up buildings and heavy duty paving

Kinder Morgan

Demo, Excavation, Concrete

Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Demolition, Regrade, Stabilize, Concrete

Greene Tweed

Site demo, Paving and earthwork.
Earthwork and paving addition.

Beltway 8 Parking Addition

Soil Stabilization and paving.
Parking lot renovation project

Parking Lot Renovations

Demolition, soil stabilization and paving addition.
earthwork, demolition and concrete work.

Conoco Data Center

Demolition, Earthwork and Concrete project.
BP Great Room project

BP Great Room

Demolition, Earthwork & Decorative Concrete.
Union Pacific

Union Pacific Rail Yard

Tanker flip pads and cranes ways.