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Headquartered in Houston, DIFFCO is a civil construction and maintenance contractor that provides service to Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. The company provides services such as concrete, earthwork, storm water runoff, land clearing and reclamation, and more.

DIFFCO prides itself on obtaining a comprehensive understanding of its customers’ needs and wants, and performs these tasks while maintaining an extremely high standard of safety. DIFFCO accomplishes this by putting an emphasis on front-end planning. Before starting a project, DIFFCO gains an understanding of exactly what the customer wants and then develops a plan that incorporates the best and safest way to accomplish these goals. All DIFFCO superintendents have OSHA 30 certification, and all workers have OSHA 10 certification, which is renewed on a regular basis.

“Repeat business is our No. 1 business,” says Matt Diffendal, the president of DIFFCO. “I think that’s because we strive to understand exactly what the customer is looking for–even if it’s not in the plans.”

While DIFFCO can perform all types of work, the company works a lot at existing facilities, performing upgrades and bringing existing assets such as antiquated drainage systems and spill containment up to existing code.

DIFFCO can offer all-inclusive packages to customers, saving the need to coordinate with multiple contractors. Join Matt Diffendal, the president of DIFFCO, along with the host of “Industry Today,” to lean how DIFFCO can make a difference on your next civil construction or maintenance project.

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